Tuesday, February 2, 2016

ICAN Australia Black Mist White Rain Speaking Tour 2016

“We heard it here, loud and clear, and felt the ground shake. We seen the radiation fall out over our camp. It was moving very quietly and very deadly.” – Yami Lester, South Australia.

“People were playing with the fallout as it fell from the sky… We put it in our hair as if it was soap or shampoo. But later I lost all my hair from it.” – Rinok Riklon, Republic of the Marshall Islands.

This coming April, ICAN Australia is hitting the road for a special speaking tour. Over four days in four cities, we'll explore the ongoing impacts of nuclear testing in our region and the inspiring triumph of cultural survival.

Join the Tour in your city to hear from Sue Coleman-Haseldine, Kokatha-Mula woman from Ceduna, Abacca Anjain-Maddison, from the Marshall Islands, and more inspiring people who will share their stories from the frontlines of nuclear testing; stories that bring home the urgent necessity of a treaty to outlaw the nuclear bomb.

Monday 4th April in Adelaide
Tuesday 5th April in Melbourne
Wednesday 6th April in Sydney
Thursday 7th April in Brisbane

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