Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Israel Terrorizes Palestinians After Two Settlers Shot

Stephen Lendman Global Research October 3 2015
Here’s how Israeli justice works. Extremist settlers set a Palestinian family’s home ablaze, immolate three of its members in cold blood, seriously burn a fourth, and remain free to kill again because they’re not arrested – despite Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon admitting authorities know who’s responsible.
Settlers terrorize Palestinians daily, commit violence and vandalism, desecrate Islam’s third holiest site (the Al Aqsa Mosque) at their discretion, aided by rampaging soldiers and police, and remain free to commit more criminal acts.
Palestinian children throwing stones in self-defense, responding to Israeli security forces or settlers’ violence, face up to 20 years in prison, their families subject to stiff fines they can’t afford to pay.
On Thursday, a shooting incident killed two settlers, a husband and wife in their car. Their children with them at the time weren’t harmed. They’re orphaned like countless nameless, faceless Palestinian children no one gives a damn about, many of them maimed by Israeli aggression.
One or more assailants responsible for Thursdays incident remain unknown – Palestinians automatically blamed despite no evidence proving it or the precise motive for the attack.
Was it a random crime? Were both parents targeted? If so, why? Whenever an incident like this happens, Israeli hysteria follows. Security forces rampage through Palestinian communities violently, making random arrests, imposing curfews and lockdowns, terrorizing thousands of innocent people……
Following the incident, dozens of extremist settlers attacked Palestinian homes in areas south of Nablus. Some shouted Death to Arabs.’…………
Witch hunt searches are well underway – continuing at least until someone is blamed, guilty or innocent. Once charged, it’s too late. Guilt by accusation suffices. Israeli justice for Palestinians works this way.
Meanwhile, they’re being attacked, unprotected against Arab-hating settlers and soldiers. After promising no longer to observe Oslo principles, Mahmoud Abbas remains silent, doing nothing to protect Palestinians from abuse…………
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Monday, October 5, 2015

The Brave, New World of Armed Drones and UAVs. Thank God I Am Not A Child Born Today!

Anthony Bellchambers Global Research October 3 2015
As American planes bomb a hospital operated by Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) in the Afghan town of Kunduz, killing patients and medical staff, this terrible horror follows previous incidents around the world that replicate the example of claimed ‘collateral damage’ inflicted upon hospitals and civilian installations, in Gaza, by its attackers in 2014 and earlier.
This precedent established by Israeli-invented drones and condoned by much of the world, in accepting the shocking killing of innocent civilians, as ‘collateral damage’ in the pursuit of the liquidation of its enemies, turns accepted international law upon its head.
It is not difficult to foresee a world, in maybe only ten years’ time, in 2025, where not only Israeli and American drones, but also British, French, Turkish, Indian or Pakistani armed, unmanned aerial vehicles will suddenly appear in the skies above our homes, anywhere, in Manchester, London, Munich or Marseilles, to kill political activists or protestors, at will. No judicial process, just summary execution of perceived enemies, unwanted critics and the collateral killing of innocent bystanders.
Welcome to the brave, new world of UAV warfare that will in the very near future determine all our lives, and our deaths, controlled by anonymous operatives sitting at computer consoles, and drinking coffee, in rooms thousands of miles distant in Tel Aviv or Arlington County, Virginia.
Thank the Lord I am not a child born today.
Copyright © Anthony Bellchambers, Global Research, 2015
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