Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan Total Cost of Wars Since 2001 $1,626,576,740,510

Thousands of desperate, persecuted people on rickety ships on the open ocean, turned away again and again by nation after nation. Three points.
1. Have we learned nothing? These are not Jews fleeing Nazi Germany yet turned away by 'civilised' first world nations - do we even remember that atrocity? - they are Rohingya Muslims - do we care?? 2. From whom did the nations who are turning them away learn this evil strategy? From the Australian Government, that bastion of human rights, that rich first world nation who has pioneered this strategy in the Asia pacific region.
3. If these boats sink or fall apart and some 8,000 desperate people - among the most persecuted groups on earth - all drown - just WAIT for the outpouring of sympathy and grief from countries like ours - how, oh how, could the world have allowed this to happen?? How can we learn from this TERRIBLE tragedy??? Well, they are on the water NOW??!!
The world - we - must do something while they are still alive ! So much easier when they're dead. And the churches in our rich country? Where are they? Where is their moral leadership? Where are the Roman Catholic bishops calling for our country's leaders - our 'captain Catholic' Tony Abbott - to intervene to save these least of our sisters and brothers? So many many empty words. So much guilty silence. So many lives lost. Have we learned nothing ?
Michael Bernard Kelly (Comment on my Facebook this morning)

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