Friday, April 18, 2014

Remedy Australia report reveals Australia rife with human rights violations

Cec Busby SX April 11, 2014
A report by Australia’s newest human rights NGO, Remedy Australia, has revealed Australia is a land, rife with human rights violations.
The report shows Australia has the world’s fourth highest number of human rights violations recorded against its name by the UN and that little action has been taken to remedy the violations.
Remedy Australia was founded by Nick Toonen……..
Toonen said the aim of Remedy Australia is to bring Australia’s human rights record into line with what the international community and the Australian people expect of our nation.
‘Some of the nation’s leading human rights lawyers and campaigners have founded this new NGO to focus on getting Australia to act on UN concern about specific human rights violations,’ Toonen said.
‘Remedy Australia is a supporter-based organisation which holds our governments to account.’……..
Download Ball’s report, which involved four years of research. Find out more about Remedy Australia.
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