Monday, March 4, 2013

Manning: Before Wikileaks, Leaked Docs Offered to New York Times, Washington Post

Whistleblower reads prepared statement: Wanted documents to reveal ‘true costs of war’

Common Dreams February 28, 2013
(Credit: Reuters)In what The Guardian's correspondent Ed Pilkington describes as a ‘bombshell’ revelation, Bradley Manning on Thursday revealed that prior to reaching out to Wikileaks with a trove of government and military documents, the whistleblower first contacted more established media outlets, including the New York Times and Washington Post, but was brushed off by editors.
‘I believed if the public, particularly the American public, could see this it could spark a debate on the military and our foreign policy in general as it applied to Iraq and Afghanistan. It might cause society to reconsider the need to engage in counter terrorism while ignoring the human situation of the people we engaged with every day.’ –Bradley Manning

My Goal? To "Share with World... True Cost of the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan"

Bradley Manning

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