Sunday, April 11, 2010

Add your voice to global disarmament

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The US-Russia nuclear pact is a major step -- but experts are pleading with governments that disarmament is the only way to prevent a nuclear nightmare. Sign the petition calling for zero nukes and bring a powerful public voice to the crucial Nuclear Security Summit next week:

Just a few hours ago, President Obama and President Medvedev of Russia signed a new treaty on nuclear arms control.

It's a crucial step, and at just the right time. Next week could see the beginning of the end of all these monstrous weapons at a crucial global disarmament summit in Washington.

Experts are pleading with governments to disarm or risk disaster, but politicians cite the lack of a public movement on this issue. Let's show them where people stand -- sign the petition for "global zero" nuclear weapons -- it will be delivered directly to leaders at the summit!

There are over 23,000 nuclear weapons in the world, and as many as 13 countries are on the edge of building them. Experts say we can’t maintain the status quo -- the risks of regional nuclear war, nuclear terrorism, or catastrophic accidents are rising daily. The only workable solution is for all countries to give these weapons up.

Avaaz is helping to build the Global Zero campaign, backed by hundreds of former heads of state, foreign ministers, national security advisers, and thousands of grassroots activists across the world. Last year we saw that this movement can have influence -- over 115,000 Avaaz members signed a petition and helped secure a historic US-Russian agreement to slash their nuclear arsenals by one third!

But now we need stronger action globally: with fears of a Mideast nuclear arms race mounting, and tensions in the Korean Peninsula and Pakistan far from over, the chance of a military or terrorist nuclear attack remains a chilling threat.

The Presidents of the US and Russia have agreed in principle to Global Zero, but the hard part is getting them to do it in practice. The Washington summit next week is a major chance to hold them to their word. Let's join together and make sure our leaders hear a powerful call for Global Zero. Click below to sign the petition:

With hope,

Luis, Ricken, Pascal, Ben, Alice, Raluca and the entire Avaaz team.

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