Sunday, March 4, 2007

Joint US/Australian military exercise in May/June 2007. Environmental Destruction

David Bradbury is an Australian documentary film maker who created the outstanding doco on Depleted Uranium munitions. NOTE HERE that henceforth, I will not use the deceptive term "depleted".The uranium waste used for this purpose is NOT depleted. From now on, I am describing this as "nuclear radiation dispersing munitions" - or similar terms.DIRTY BOMBS would do as well.His powerful documentary is titled "Blowin' In The Wind". I do hope at least some of you have seen it.If not, you can contact David at

Here he alerts us to a forthcoming joint US/Australian military exercise. Vast tonnages of munitions, much of it likely to be made from or cased in Uranium 238. As you should know by now, U238 is not the most radioactive form - but it is still radioactive and prolonged exposure is not good.

However, it's what it become's after it is deployed that is a very different matter. It burns at a staggering temperature and turns into a very dangerous nano sized particle aerosol that 'blows in the wind. In this form it becomes an extremely toxic heavy metal. Particles can enter cell structures and both radiate and poison from within. The consequences for animal life are catastrophic. InIraq where the most massive quantities have been used, it looks like it will bring about a genetic genocide of the people of that tormented nation.Now if there was a plan to test a mushroom cloud producing nuke - all hell would break loose in the Australian population.Yet the dangers for the Australian people from the use of U238 munitions in a 'military exercise' would likely way exceed the danger of fallout from a mushroom cloud. The people of Australia should be rising up against this!
My Australian friends!

Tell your politicians what you think about this!If you are silent, they will not resist the demands of the USA that this military exercise take place.

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